Xanga Update?

i haven’t blogged on xanga forever. i’ve been checking other people’s xanga out.

it took me a couple of seconds to figure out how to post a new entry…
i think i still prefer the ways of bloggers and wordpress.

i love orange county.

anyway, here’s another post just to tell you to come visit me on wordpress. =)


3 thoughts on “Xanga Update?

  1. Hey do you need to know insane amounts of CSS and HTML to use WordPress? I’m thinking of going into a self-hosted blog and was wondering about the web coding world.

  2. @AndrewChi – i don’t know about the self hosting, but i guess you’re not familiar with my computer skills: none. it’s not that hard… but then i wouldn’t know what it would be like if you were custom designing it. let me know if you do get a wordpress blog..

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