The Never Ending Struggle

My wife and I bought our first car together.
We needed to. Our Hyundai needed a belt on the engine to be replaced. It was going to cost around 1200 dollars, and we figured, why put money into that car.
So finally, we drove away last Thursday in a 2008 Honda Accord LXP.
On the way home, I asked her if I could buy a Redskins license plate cover thingy for the new car.
She emphatically said no. Then she said, she’ll compromise. The rear plate will have the Redskins one and the front one will have the Cowboys one.
I said no, that’s just crazy.

It’s a big week for us.
But, sometimes, it’s better off being the underdog than the favorite.

Conversations may be scarce come Monday morning.

4 thoughts on “The Never Ending Struggle

  1. hahahahaha.
    i don’t know why, but i can’t resist making fun of Andrew. My Redskins don’t suck. the Chiefs suck!

    As for the Astros… last time I bet against them, you won the bet. so they will be left alone.

    but believe me. if we win this Sunday (and yes, miracles can happen) i’m just going to have to gloat.

    but i think we both know (barring a miracle) it’ll be a glum Monday for me.

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