Wanting Control

I think one of the hardest parts about faith is handing the controls of our lives to God. It’s difficult, even if you’re not a control freak, to not be in the driver’s seat.
Drivers make the worst passengers. When we drivers are forced to sit in the passenger seat, we tend to get easily scared, because we’re not in control of the situation. We hold on tightly to the handles of the doors or on top of the door, even though the driver knows fully well what s/he is doing. We tend to be more tense as passengers and at times, we clench our butt muscles so tight that they become sore.

We like the way we drive. It’s the best way to drive. And nobody else drives the way we do, which is the right way.

So even in our faith, we may want to do things our way. The way we feel is right, even though that may be something that God never had in mind or intended. Going back to the car analogy, even in our faith, we want to be in the driver’s seat, dictating where we go, how we get there and when to get there. To let God be the driver is a scary thing.
We talk about surrendering all to God, but we really don’t. Sometimes, I have the gall and arrogance to think that i know what’s best for me in my faith walk.

To this day, one of the hardest things about my faith is sitting in prayer and asking God, “what would you have me do?” and/or “not my will, but yours.”

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