3 And 1

That is the record of the Redskins after they beat the Cowboys today.

I just wanted to say to my friend, Kevin Watson, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! =)

My wife was not happy. I tried my best not to gloat.

2 thoughts on “3 And 1

  1. Joseph – Congratulations! I did not get to watch any of the second half, but I left my apartment confident that the Redskins would win. They just looked dominant at times… Santana Moss was just running to wherever he wanted to on the field and catching wide open passes. Well played. I am trying hard to be a Cowboys fan… but I just couldn’t get all that worked up about it. Maybe I will be there by the time the playoffs come around. In the meantime, I learned not to talk smack, especially on the internet where you leave a trail!

  2. I watched exactly none of the game, since our Sunday evening schedule starts for me at 4 and ends around 8:30. During the mingling time in our evening service, my senior pastor checked the score for me, then as soon as it ended, checked it again and told me the good news. I need a crackberry of my own!

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