• Sometimes, the Bible Just Makes Me Say WTF

    So for my devotions, I decided to read about Moses and the Exodus. And, I guess this is a sign that I never really paid too close attention to the reading, because I must’ve read the story hundreds of times, but never really paid attention to this part, until earlier this week. So, I’m reading… Continue Reading

  • 10 Years Ago

    I can’t believe that 10 years ago, I was in the midst of my senior year in high school. That’s crazy.

  • Advertising and Marketing

    These things I’m not great at. And to tell you the truth, not completely comfortable when it comes to advertising/marketing for church. I just don’t know how to do it. What I do do, I don’t think it’s enough. I just email/call/text a couple of people that I know personally. And maybe email other pastors.… Continue Reading

  • Monday Post

    the weekend that was:Busy, busy weekend. We had our OBOC (One Body of Christ) Praise night. It went well. But it opened my eyes to something I need to do with my youth group. Hopefully, I’ll remember to blog about this some time this week. Our Halloween party was yesterday, and it was fun. Creative… Continue Reading

  • OBOC Praise Set

    Here’s the Order of Worship (and the praise set) for tonight Opening Skit: Fountain Valley UMC Praise: Rain Down (Delirious) Undignified (David Crowder’s version) I Am Free (Desperation Band) Promises (Desperation Band) God With Us (MercyMe) God You Reign (Lincoln Brewster) Hip-Hop Body Worship: Grace River UMC Sermon Closing Song: Reign in Us (Starfield) How… Continue Reading

  • OBOC (and Failure vs. Success)

    Tomorrow, our church is holding an event for, but not limited to, youth. We invited other churches in our district to come (and people in our community) to join us in night of praise and worship. We decided to call the event OBOC (One Body of Christ), borrowing the name from a couple of youth… Continue Reading