After communion, my senior pastor said, “Communion has just been served…” and I didn’t catch what he said afterwards, because I was laughing in my head.


Because, now, after communion, I really want to say “You just been served!”

I thought it was funny. I shared with my wife. All I got was a huge groan and rolling of the eyes.

I still think it’s funny.
But, communion isn’t supposed to be funny… I guess…

One thought on “Communion

  1. what up joe? i haven’t read your blog in a long time… but i gotta tell you if my priest said “you just been served!” after communion i might stand up and “whoop whoop.” haha, we’ve had kind of a lot of turnover at my church in the past few years, but we’ve got two old filipino guys and one relatively young chinese guy… they’ve all got super thick accents but the chinese guy is kinda funny, he tries to make jokes that are lame but he has this laugh that’s kinda like a little kid so it’s funny. anyway… my point is, absolutely you should say it.

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