The last Korean music album I bought was like 4-5 years ago.
I grew out of the Korean music because it wasn’t original and it was just… too poppy. Though I still prefer Kpop over the songs that are played on FISH. (Why doesn’t FISH station play more David Crowder, Starfield, Matt Redman, Lincoln Brewster, Chris Tomlin, Shane and Shane, Hillsongs stuff? These people are good and really talented. And, I was listening to the FISH, and they played a Switchfoot song. I was happy it was Switchfoot, until I realized it was one of the worst Switchfoot songs. Why couldn’t they play Dare You to Move, or Meant to Live or something better? So annoying. I can’t listen to FISH.)

Anyway, I ran across this music video. And the song has been stuck in my head ever since.

It’s ridiculously catchy. And I hate it that it’s stuck in my head.
The actual song starts in about the 2:00 mark.

One thought on “Nobody

  1. maybe try Air1? they’re on the radio here and i like it a lot better than the FISH… effectradio is even better, but i don’t catch it a lot on the radio unless i’m in town… both are online though…

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