Extra-Curricular Activities

I wanted to join some kind of league to keep myself in shape.
I was looking into dodgeball, ultimate frisbee, or basketball. But couldn’t really find anything.
The basketball leagues here are just too expensive. The team cost ranged from 200-500 on top of that, 20-40 dollars a week for the ref.
There are some websites for ultimate frisbee. Maybe I’ll look into that.
Couldn’t find anything for dodgeball.

What this really means is that I just have to go to the gym. Get myself in shape. Get better in basketball. And they go to the park near my house so I can run with the boys in pick-up games.

My mind is willing, but my body wants to just stay home and play Madden 2009.

I just thought of something.
Each district should get some kind of gym, or a church within the district with a gym (if available) and have weekly basketball get togethers for the clergy.
It’ll be a time of fellowship and, let’s face, all of us pastors could use a little more exercise. Of course, this will only draw out those pastors who are interested in basketball…

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