Washington Redskins and Church

No one (but us ‘Skins fans) really thought that the Redskins would be 4-1. No one thought we could beat the Cowboys and the Eagles in Dallas and Philadelphia. But we did.

The thing is, this is the team that Gibbs built. Before the Gibbs II era, Daniel Synder (the owner) was seriously a laughing stock. He would make big signings for big names. But those players never really lived up to their names or their contracts. But Gibbs changed that process.
He built this team. This team has Gibbs’s fingerprint all over it.
But it is Zorn that’s doing wonders with this team. Gibbs built the team, and Zorn knows exactly what to do with the team.

And it got me thinking how churches are like that, especially in the UMC with the itinerant system.
Sometimes, we will never see the ‘success’ of our work. Sometimes, it’ll be the person who comes in after us and takes the church where we wanted it to go.
But we can’t be preoccupied about that.
We just need focus on what God has called us to do and not be consumed with the outcome.

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