A “Thank You, Jesus” Moment

Last night, at the hotel room, my wife made the mistake of leaving the heater on. She wanted to return to a warm room, but didn’t calculate that the room would be dry and make us thirsty.

We just ran out of water. And we needed to go get some more, but didn’t know where. It was past midnight, the front desk was closed, and we needed a buck 25 for the vending machine.

Well, she only had a dollar and a fifty cent coin.
So I took that and went outside hoping for some kinda way for me to break the fifty cent coin.
I walked up to the vending machine, and of course, it doesn’t take fifty cent coins.

With my eyes closed, wishing, I reached into the coin return slot hoping to find something, anything.
Sure enough, there was a quarter in there!
We had water to last us through the night!

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