Just Go Out and Play

Blogging about this is making me feel old. I’m already turning in to that guy that says, ‘when I was your age…’ and I’m only 27.
Anyway, Fisher-Price is coming out with this thing called the Smart Cycle.

It’s supposed to help stimulate the physical and the mental with puzzles and what not.
But here’s the thing.
Really? I mean, they can’t just go outside? It’s targeted for kids ages 3-6. When I was 3-6, I had a tricycle and I think I got a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Learning not to touch a bee, that’s stimulate the physical and the mental and the emotional.

I feel like we don’t want kids to go outside and explore. My favorite memories of childhood is going into the woods and looking at weird bugs with friends. We’d run across a snake and run home screaming our heads off. It was good. It built character. (Oh my God! I am getting old…)

So, go outside. Play. Scrape a knee. Feel the sunshine. Don’t grow old to be pasty…

One thought on “Just Go Out and Play

  1. Unless you live in an urban area, in which case you can’t just go out in your yard/driveway, because you probably don’t have one. So perhaps the smart cycle will hold you over until your parent can take you 10 blocks away to the local park, where you can ride your tricycle outside.

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