Spider-Man 4 and Spider-Man 5

So I just read that both Sam Raimi (director) and Tobey Maguire has signed on for two more Spider-Man movies. I am excited for this. Especially for the 4th one. Why? Because. I feel that Raimi, Maguire and everyone involved owes me an apology for spending 9 dollars to see Spider-Man 3. What the heck was that?
So, I think they’re going to make up for that movie that I consider as “the one that never happened” and make an awesome movie.
With the recent success of Iron Man and the Dark Knight altering comic-book movies for the better, Spider-Man 4 should be better than Spider-Man 2. I’m counting on it.

I’m also looking forward to the Wolverine movie. Also, the new Superman movie. There talks of making the Avengers movie. The next Batman movie, rumored to have Johnny Depp as the Riddler…
I love comic books. It gives me sanity and a moment away from church world.

PS. I can do without Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane. Please.

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