• Count Your Blessings

    The first thing I see when I enter my house is a frame with the words “Count Your Blessings” on it. I don’t think I do that enough. I worry about what I don’t have or what I can’t do or can’t obtain. But when I take a moment to reflect, there are so many… Continue Reading

  • Monday Morning Update (Tuesday Edition)

    the weekend that was: Tiring and draining. I absolutely love our new Saturday evening service. We need to just get the word out to our family and friends and have them come and experience worship with us. I love the informality. I love the intimacy. I love preaching from a stool while sitting down. I… Continue Reading

  • A Plea to All Christians and Churches

    My wife’s interfaith shelter received two donations of food last week, one from a church and one from a non-religious organization. One donation was a bag of food per person. Each bag had a roast beef sandwich, a ham sandwich, 2 small cans of orange juice, a bag of cookies, a granola cereal bar, condiments,… Continue Reading

  • I Know I Can Do More…

    It was getting cold today, which is really odd because it was hot yesterday. Around 4p, the weather started to get foggy and noticeably colder. I drove by a park and noticed a guy lying down in the park and watching people pass by. About 30 feet away from him was a huge party and… Continue Reading

  • “The call to ‘Make poverty history’ needs a partner: ‘Make affluence history.’” – Shane Claiborne

  • UMC vs. NFL Coaches

    Okay. Maybe I’m frustrated and my opinions maybe completely factless and biased. But why do I get the feeling that the UMC does not cherish young clergy as much as they say they do? And it feels like during appointment seasons, the ‘seasoned veterans’ get the first considerations where people like me, noobs, get the… Continue Reading