My New Goal

I’m a strong introvert.
I prefer to sit alone and not engage in conversation. My friend, whenever we’re at a district gathering, he goes around and introduces himself to everyone, shakes their hands and so forth. Me? I’m in my table hoping that no one comes and talks to me.

I’m feeling the need to change that. Being introverted is okay. But I think it’s slowly getting in the way of ministry. It helps me stay in my own little bubble and my comfort zone, which allows me to complacent in some parts of my faith life.

So I made a goal for myself: Engage in one conversation with someone I don’t know every week.
I’m not using these conversations to evangelize and ‘win people’s souls.’ But I really do want to know why people go or don’t go to church.

It’s been a scary and anxiety ridden experience so far. A part of me thinks that this can’t be good for my health, the way I sweat and my heart beats. But I’ve been learning a lot. Last week, I ended up talking to a group of youth pastors (I didn’t know they were youth pastors). We had a real good conversation about what we feel this generation needs.

I’ve also notice that I prefer talking to someone who is out on the street than someone inside Starbucks. I’ve told someone that I learned more profound things about faith and God from homeless people than from pastors.

It’s a difficult process, talking to people. But I think that this will help me, my ministry and my relationship with God.

2 thoughts on “My New Goal

  1. Very strong of you, Joe. You will grow through this in more ways than you can probably imagine. Challenges all of us to get out of our comfort zones…maybe you are practicing what you preached?

  2. I’m a bit of a 50/50–half introvert, half extrovert, but have trouble with blind conversations in general. I read a book last year that helped me. It’s called “How to talk to just about anybody about just about anything” by Barbara Walters. It’s about 30+ years old, so it’s dated, but still was helpful in broadening my conversation base…it might be worth flipping through…

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