• What Did You Get For Christmas?

    I’ve been asking that to all the kids. And our kids are blessed with all sorts of things and gifts. Except, I stopped liking the question ‘What did you get for Christmas?’ So, now I resolve to ask “what did you give for Christmas?” Similarly, instead of asking ‘what do you want to be’ the… Continue Reading

  • Missing the Point

    There are somethings that I hear about the churches in Korea that make my stomach turn. You’ll have to realize that this is not all the churches in Korea, but like they say, one rotten apple ruins the whole bushel. (is that what they really say? I feel like I just made that up…) I… Continue Reading

  • Still Sick, but Food For Thought

    I just read that a horse can eat 24-hr straight, no stop. So I vote that we change the saying, “I’m so hungry, I can eat a horse” to “I’m so hungry, I can eat like a horse.” Thank you.

  • Life is Short, Have an Affair

    I watch a lot of TV, and nothing really offends me anymore, or so I thought. I was watching TV with my wife, and I saw a commercial. The narrator was saying that you can escape a one night stand, but what if that one night stand is forever? (or something of that matter). Then… Continue Reading

  • Animal Activists

    While I admire the animal activists, I do not share their passion for their beliefs. I like meat. I don’t think I even want to imagine what life would be like without meat. But, recently, the LA Zoo is working on a 42-million dollar exhibit for the elephants. The project was about to die, but… Continue Reading

  • Prayers For My Friend

    My wife’s best friend called us last week telling us that her brother was rushed to the hospital after he was found unconscious. Then a few days later, we were told that her brother had an inoperable brain tumor. Then on Sunday, he passed. Everything happened so fast…