Animal Activists

While I admire the animal activists, I do not share their passion for their beliefs.
I like meat. I don’t think I even want to imagine what life would be like without meat.

But, recently, the LA Zoo is working on a 42-million dollar exhibit for the elephants. The project was about to die, but they were able to raise money for the construction to continue.

The part that gets me, (and forgive me, animal activists) it’s for elephants. There were even celebrities who were fighting for these elephants’ exhibit.

So here are celebrities and people fighting for 42 million dollars for elephants, and because celebrities are involved, the news is there and their voices are heard.

Yet, no one seems to fight for the cause of the homeless and the poor. No one seems to stand up for them. It seems more trendy to fight for elephants comfort and well-being than a homeless person’s life.

Imagine what 42 million can do for people in poverty and that are homeless.

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