Life is Short, Have an Affair

I watch a lot of TV, and nothing really offends me anymore, or so I thought.
I was watching TV with my wife, and I saw a commercial. The narrator was saying that you can escape a one night stand, but what if that one night stand is forever? (or something of that matter).

Then the website url was shown with the tag line “Life is short, have an affair.”

Apparently, these ads appear on billboards in Hollywood. The owner of the website (it’s a dating agecny website) claims that those who will cheat will cheat regardless if these ads are shown or not.

I can’t believe that these ads were shown. It shows you that enough money will buy you anything.

And I think this is why I could never get behind the ‘protect marriage’ slogan of people who were for Prop 8.
It’s us, the heterosexuals, that are ruining the sacred institution of marriage.

I guess the advertisers did something right, because 2 days after seeing the commercial, I’m still appalled by it.

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