What Did You Get For Christmas?

I’ve been asking that to all the kids. And our kids are blessed with all sorts of things and gifts.

Except, I stopped liking the question ‘What did you get for Christmas?’
So, now I resolve to ask “what did you give for Christmas?”

Similarly, instead of asking ‘what do you want to be’ the better question is ‘how do you want to be’ or ‘who do you want to be.’ Yes, you want to be a lawyer, but what kind of lawyer do you want to be?

So, what did you guys give for Christmas?

One thought on “What Did You Get For Christmas?

  1. This was the coolest Christmas ever. We adopted two families and got them all sorts of stuff. We got the parents brand new coats and in one family, we got them a whole set of pots and pans and a bedroom set. We got them tons of clothes and toys and stuff. I couldn’t believe how much money we ended up spending for some families we didn’t even know…

    and two things happened. First, we got a (bonus gift) check for more than we’d spent. Second, we got a thank you letter that brought tears to my eyes.

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