• The Type of Ministry I Want to Implement

    I wrote this down in my moleskine journal book while sitting at Starbucks (procrastinating, of course). These thoughts are gathered from various sources. And I really want to incorporate this type of ministry, given a chance. Though, for some reason, it doesn’t look very “UMC.” Does anyone think that too much organization can be detrimental?… Continue Reading

  • TuPac Shakur

    I was driving home yesterday listening to my iPod (through the aux port in my car, not through the earphones). Tupac’s Changes started to play (I usually have my iPod on random when driving). I hadn’t heard that song in a while and took a deep breath to be ready to follow along, wondering if… Continue Reading

  • What Comes First For You?

    Your blog post or your blog title? I think for me, my blog post always comes first. But I know some who type in the title after they are done with the post. Just curious.

  • Coincidences

    I’m a strong believer that nothing is really a coincidence anymore. Or nothing is random. Yesterday, I met a pastor at Starbucks that I talked to months ago. Before he left, he wanted to say a prayer for me (just like last time). The prayer was very relevant to what I was thinking 5 minutes… Continue Reading

  • Dress Code For Church Part Deux

    I do think that many people make too big of a deal of church attire. I also want to point out, I’m a fan of looking good and well-dressed for church. I do like wearing suits once in a while. But, what bothers me is that many people, I feel, try to say that God… Continue Reading

  • Discernment

    I think the hardest and most frustrating part about discerning about something is trying to figure out if it’s really God’s calling or if it’s my wanting, or if it’s both. I get frustrated, because like everyone else, I want God to just sit down in front of me and tell me how it is.… Continue Reading

  • Non-Denominational vs. UMC

    Here in Orange County, it seems like the young people who do go to church, the majority seem to attend a non-denominational church. It was like that in Hawaii also. And I’m beginning to wonder why that may be. I had an opportunity to talk to 2 pastors from Rock Harbor, a mega-non denominational church… Continue Reading