My Family is Crazy

This past weekend, my grandfather passed away. I was trying to get down to LA to see him one last time, but I didn’t get a chance to, which is a bit saddening.

The reason why the title of the post is “my family is crazy” is that on my grandfather’s death bed, one of my cousins, a junior in high school, told my grandfather that he is going to be a pastor too.
My brother is also discerning a call into ministry too.

If they both go through with their calls… that means:
my late grandfather was a pastor
my uncle is a pastor
my aunt is married to a pastor
then my cousin is looking into become a pastor.

that’s just my mom’s side.
My dad’s oldest brother is a pastor.
His two sons are a pastor and his daughter is married to a pastor.
My dad’s a pastor.
I’m a pastor.
And my brother is looking into it.

I mean, what the heck? We have no chance of being a normal family, ever.
There’s just too many pastors in our clan. Are we like the Levites? Geez.

My wife’s father is a pastor.
A bunch of my wife’s distant relatives are pastors.
I mean, really, it’s ridiculous.

We’re just a collective group of crazy people. =)

4 thoughts on “My Family is Crazy

  1. Sorry to hear about your grandpa.

    I have to say I do think that family lines can be called. I have a number of past relatives that were and I know my great-grandpa and grandpa both admitted right before their deaths to running from the call. My uncle was a pastor but has left the faith for some thing (still praying for him), my dad is called, I am called, etc.

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