Problem With My Church (heh)

I have a problem with my church. And that problem is that they just don’t have good… ‘taste’ when it comes to following sports.
I guess, since we are located in the state of California, it’s natural to follow Californian teams.
But I can’t stand them.
I don’t like the Chargers. I think LDT (I wish the sports people would stop calling him LT. LT was Lawrence Taylor’s nickname. You can’t have 2 LT’s. You can’t have 2 MJ’s. It’s just ridiculous.) is overrated. And I think he should be worried about his job.  Did anyone notice that he seemed to be sulking when the Chargers beat the Colts, while his teammates couldn’t contain themselves? They won a huge game, you can’t smile for the hard work your teammates did? Drew Bledsoe was celebrating crazy when the Patriots kept winning the year he was benched in favor of Drew Bledsoe.
I remember LT saying that the Patriots were classless. I don’t think the Chargers are that much classier. You got Philip Rivers who can’t stop jawing. You got Merriman who does the ridiculous lights out dance when he makes one significant move.

Then there’s the Lakers.
Don’t even get me started. I respect Kobe’s game, but I’d rather see KG win another ring or Timmy win another one, or see CP3 represent the West or even the declining Suns or rising Blazers.

I have decided that I will openly root against the Californian teams (unless someone is playing the Cowboys).

And the Angels? Psssh. It’s all about the Boston Red Sox.
As for the Dodgers? I’d rather root for the Nationals.
Kings and Ducks? No thanks. I like the Capitals and Ovechkin.

It seems like I’ll be in Southern California for a while.
But I don’t think I’ll ever find myself rootin’ for the home teams here.
I think I live on the wrong coast.

Just FYI:
Die hard Redskins fan.
Will root openly for Patriots.
If a team from the NFC has to represent the Super Bowl and it ain’t the Redskins, I like the Giants.

As for basketball, don’t really follow NBA as closely as NFL. But I like the Wizards, and certain players, like KG, Chris Paul, but not Kobe, Pau or Bynum.

Anyway, I’m sorry I wasted your time with this.
My brain’s not functioning today, and the senior pastor recently made a remark about the success of the Chargers.
Steelers, Ravens, Giants, and Cardinals are my picks for this weeken.

4 thoughts on “Problem With My Church (heh)

  1. I agree completely about LT. I don’t follow Chargers football, but I happened to see them on TV the other day, and I could not believe that the announcers would use LT for someone other than Lawrence Taylor!

  2. Hyun, Who’s Michael Jackson?

    I think it may be acceptable if the nicknames aren’t in the same genre.
    both LT and LDT play the same sport.
    I don’t think anyone in sports should have MJ as their moniker.

    Dan, glad there are sane people in the world.

    David, haha. lol. I hope that if i start raving about the lakers or the chargers, that you point to this post and deem me a hypocrite.

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