Recently, I read a review of Shane Claiborne’s book “Jesus For President.” The reviewer was uncomfortable with some of the content of the book, and felt that Shane was often anti-America.

I never thought of him as anti-American.
I think in many ways, he might be against the culture of America. (By the way, why do we call ourselves American, when there’s more to North America than us and there’s a South America, as well? AND, why do we declare the champions of the NBA, MLB and NFL “world” champions? Especially in the NBA since before ’08, they lost in world competition. Same with the MLB.)

Can someone be against the American Dream: which is be successful and make a good living for yourself, and still be a pro-American?

Being a Christian, doesn’t a lot of our faith leads us to go against the American culture and things that Americans have pride in?

I have no idea where I’m going with this post.
My head is hurting.
Excuse me, I’m going to eat something. I’m so hungry, I can eat like a horse.

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