Timothy in Acts 16

I mentioned way earlier that I am doing my devotions through the book of Acts. God has been opening my eyes to things I haven’t noticed before and am learning a lot.

Yesterday, I got to Acts 16.
And I got to verse 4 and it says:
“Paul wanted to take [Timothy] along on the journey so he circumcised him.”

This made me laugh.
And I wondered, Did Timothy have any say in this matter? The way the NIV was worded, it sounded like this was all Paul’s decision and action.

This might be a bit of TMI, but let me just put it this way. I VIVIDLY remember when I was more than circumcised in my heart (if you get my drift). I think I was 24. [Please note that I refrained from making more (and funnier) innuendos. and as sad as it may be, that is a huge sign of maturity for me]

It was a difficult month of recuperation that followed.
So every time I read about these grown men going through this process, I cringe because, I’m sure it hurt a lot more back then.

I mean, I could picture Paul saying, Hey Timmy. You ready? You all packed? Okay. But hold on. Just close your eyes for a minute. This may hurt. But it’s going to hurt me a lot more than it’s going to hurt you.

And how long did Paul wait for Timothy to be able to walk again? Surely, Paul didn’t leave RIGHT AFTER he circumcised Timothy.
I like reading the Bible. =)

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