Rebuking Jesus

I’ve been reading Mark for my devotions and yesterday came across a phrase that I must’ve skipped over many times.
After Jesus’ first passion prediction, Mark says that Peter “took [Jesus] aside and began to rebuke him.”
Peter rebuking Jesus. That tickled me.
What’s even more interesting (to me) is that this rebuking of Jesus comes right after Peter’s confession of Christ.

I think many of us have a lot in common with Peter in chapter 8 of Mark. Sure, we may not go as far as rebuking Jesus. Peter had an image of who and what Jesus was supposed to be. What Jesus said, what Jesus predicted didn’t go with what Peter thought Jesus should be. So he took it upon himself to rebuke Jesus, to probably say, ‘you’re crazy! You ain’t supposed to act like that! You’re the Christ!”

I say that we have a lot in common with Peter because I think many of us are more comfortable in having Jesus fit into our plans, our images, and our thoughts of who we would like Jesus to be.
We want Jesus to look like us, rather than us look like Jesus. Instead of following Jesus, we have Jesus following us.
Maybe because life is just easier when Jesus looks like me and Jesus does what I like Jesus to do.

One thought on “Rebuking Jesus

  1. This is an extremely relevant thought. I made mention of it in my message last week as I realized that in the Gospels, Jesus is constantly blowing away ALL of the preconceived notions of the religious elite… and his own disciples.

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