After 5 Years, I Finally Get The Joke

In 2004, I got to attend my first National Youth Workers Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. I loved it so much, I’ve been to 3 more since, and hope to go to more.

Anyway, I attended a workshop by Doug Fields.
And during the workshop, he asked that we get out our bibles, then added, “If you’re a United Methodist, look on to your neighbor’s bible.”
Everyone laughed. I didn’t get the joke. The funny thing was, I didn’t have my Bible with me at the time.
After the session, I asked all my Korean UMC friends, what that meant joke meant.

Well, 5 years later, I finally get the joke.
Turns out, we Methodist don’t know that much about the Bible, or the average Methodist don’t, simply because we don’t read it enough.
I remember a Methodist parishioner who had to look at the table of contents to find the book of Matthew. And I think that’s a reflection on us as pastors.

I, now more than ever, believe that I really just have to go back to the basics. Why many UMs don’t spend time in with the Bible is beyond me, but I think that’s a discipline we can’t lack.

I wish I was still pondering the meaning of that joke.
Now that I know what Doug Fields meant, I’m a bit sad.
But as small of a voice I may be, I can do my part to change the culture of the people I have privilege to serve.

4 thoughts on “After 5 Years, I Finally Get The Joke

  1. uh… it also means that Methodists don’t bring their Bibles to church for worship, since Bibles are always in our pews. -_-;

  2. Not all churches have Bibles in the pews… in my last church, I always left a Bible up on the lectern for my scripture readings… We had a partnership with the other church in town and when I went there to preach, I just didn’t even think about bringing that Bible (since I was so used to mine being on the lectern). They had to search to find one for me to read! I learned my lesson about bringing my Bible!

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