UMC vs. Pro Atheletes

The NFL season is over. (Can’t wait until September).
So I’m slowly getting back into the basketball thing.
As I was watching a couple of NBA games here and there (what the heck is wrong with the Wizards?) I begin to realize similarities in the UMC and the NBA and NFL in how they do business with their players. And also players that reflect the type of pastors we have in our conferences.
It might be a long stretch, but I had a lot of driving to do last week, and therefore, had a lot of time for silly thoughts.

I think there are pastors out there like Anquan Boldin: someone who is unhappy with their current situations and want out. For Anquan, it’s about the money. For clergy, it can be all sorts of reasons. But some clergy may contact their DS (the general manager) and asked for or demand a trade.

I also think there are pastors out there like a Stephon Marbury and right now, Gilbert Arenas: players who are just eating the salary cap without any contribution to the team. In other words: Dead weight. That may sound harsh, but c’mon, we all know some pastors in our conference that aren’t as affective as they once used to be for various reasons. And I’ll just leave it like that. Or even players like Shaq. C’mon. He’s old. He lost his touch. Sure, he’s rejuvenated a bit this year, but it can’t hide the fact that Shaq isn’t quite pulling Shaq’s weight. Even though he is fairly ineffective, his name and his history will still land him a job.

There are also pastors like Deron Williams and Chris Paul. Young talented players who are very good leaders and lead their team like veterans. Although, personally, I feel that there needs to be more young clergy given the chance to lead a well balanced team (church).

I also believe there are clergy like a Kobe Byrant and a Terrell Owens. (No, I’m not that big of a Kobe fan). They’re more worried about their indiviual stats and status than the team itself. For TO, the first few years are great. Charamastic, provides results, gets people to buy in to his ability and talent. But after awhile, the other shoe drops, and we start to see the selfishness, look out for number one or “I love me some me” side of TO. For Kobe, he can’t really trust his other players, so he takes the load on his shoulders. Nevermind he has Pau Gasol or he had Shaq, it’s all about Kobe. 61 points at MSG is impressive. But it was 61 points, THREE assists and ZERO rebounds. Or his 81 point game: 6 rebounds and 2 assists. He has 4 other players on the court with him. Compare that to Lebron James’s last game at MSG: 52 points, 9 rebounds and 11 assists. Who would you want leading you?

And of course, they’re clergy like Lebron James. Just a great all-around player and leader. Gets his teammates involved. If he needs to step up, he’ll step up, but will get others involved in the game plan.

Or a Kevin Garnett: a wiley veteran. Been in the game for a while, but still has the intensity and love for the game, and still bring the results, and still bring the best out of others.

There are players like Sam Cassell: journey men, played for many teams. And there are players like Paul Pierce, Kobe Byrant, played with one team their entire career. I guess I could on a different tangent with Kobe, how he demanded a trade from the Lakers, but then had a change of heart because of the promise Lakers showed. It’s like how a pastor feels burned out at one setting, then the pastor has a change of heart, spends more time with God, and sees that God has a lot of plans for her/him with the current setting, and s/he is able to set aside his/her frustrations and no longer see limitations, but possiblities.

I can go on and on. But I will stop here. Care to add any to my list?
I worked out that the DSes and the Cabinet are the GMs, since the GM can decide who to try to bring in and who to ship out.
I couldn’t decide if the Bishop is more of a team owner or the Commish. And the teams, themselves are the local churches.
The coaches, see they could be the pastors too, but I decided they were like the SPRC or the lay leader.

5 thoughts on “UMC vs. Pro Atheletes

  1. The Bishop is kinda the David Stern of each conference, and the Oklahoma Cityy Thunder is the new church plant! Ok, so I guess the metaphor breaks down pretty quickly, doesn’t it…

    Adam Hamilton would be the UMC version of Tim Duncan, don’t you think? Consistent, smart, and lots of success over the years without being overly flashy.

    So which one are you dude? :-O

  2. I guess Hamilton could be Tim Duncan. But consistent as Duncan is, he’s boring. Haha. I don’t think Hamilton is boring. I’d say Adam is a mix of Timmy and KG.

    As for me… iono, let’s just say (though i dislike USC) i’m Mark Sanchez. I have no idea what I can be.. but would like to given a chance to try and fail. Or be effective.

    This response is making me laugh. hehe.

  3. I like the analogy – of course it breaks down after a while, but so does any other analogy.

    There are a lot of other players – I was thinking about my old favorite Celtic player from back in the day, Greg Kite. Greg was a bench player who would come in and give the Celtics a few minutes (over his Celtic career, just under 7.5 minutes per game). Would he be an interim pastor or the youth guy who just fills in when needed?

  4. hmmmm… we have an ordained deacon at our church. she’s not on staff or paid by this church. but she helps out with Sunday school once in a while and she is a great help in VBS…
    I think the youth guy is more important than a bench player.
    I’d like to think the youth pastor should be like a Scottie Pippen to a Michael Jordan.
    Or a Robin to a Batman.
    Or a Bonnie to a Clyde.
    Or a Tails to a Sonic.
    Luigi to a Mario.
    A Hutch to Starsky
    … sorry i got carried away

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