So I’ve noticed something I’ve been doing in the past month, or more like what I have not been doing.
Before I met my wife, I did wash my hands after activities in the bathroom. But, I guess you couldn’t really call it washing, more like rinsing. Then I met my wife who is OCD when it comes to germs.

Over the years, I’ve adopted some of her quirks when washing hands.
I no longer rinse my hands, but I wash them. With soap and hot water.
In public restrooms, before I wash my hands, I already have the paper tower ready, so that after I wash my hands, I don’t have to touch any of the bathroom stuff. Like the paper towel dispenser, the faucet, the doors etc.
But recently, in remembering to do all these things, there’s one absolute necessity that I’ve been skimming over: Zipping up my pants.

Thankfully, I’ve caught it, most of time, before I leave the bathroom. But more thankfully, the times I forget, my wife catches it before anyone else does. And even more thankful than that is, it hasn’t happened at church, like before I preach. Yet.

I think my brain is being overloaded with all these new things that the basic things seemingly are wiped out of my brain.

2 thoughts on “Peculiar

  1. Where: Choir Room
    When: Sunday, before church
    Why: PSA on Seasonal Church Colors
    What: Open Fly
    God bless you on the cover you have received to date

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