Sheep Have Teeth

I’ve been perusing several pastoral blogs today at the office, some from the methoblog, others from google search.
For some reason, most of the blog entries I’ve read had to do with pain. From the church.
Bishop Willimon said in his sermon at National Pastors Convention that when pastors leave the ministry, it’s never because of Jesus, but because of parishioners.

It’s true, a lot of times, we do receive a lot of pain and hurt from the very people we serve, which reminded me of Rob Bell’s sermon from the same convention. He spoke about how we have to learn to embody the Christ model of forgiveness.

He said that we are called to lead the flock, but no one really told us that these sheep have teeth.
That comment made me laugh, but, it’s true, and reading through all those blogs today, some of the sheep have really sharp teeth.

I hope that we all can learn to forgive and allow healing.

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