Needless Post and Information, But I Have A Bit of Time

So I spent a lot of time thinking about what team to call my team when it comes to the NBA.

Lakers: I don’t like Kobe. Never liked the Lakers. Don’t think there are actual Laker fans out there, just people who want to show off their money.
Clippers: Another LA team.
Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings: Nothing to really interest me. Cali teams already started out badly.
Raptors: Canada? No thank you. Besides, they’ll probably lose Chris Bosh real soon, so who’ll be left on their team?
Mavericks: I like Mark Cuban. I think he’s a funny owner. But, I just can’t see myself rooting for anything that comes out of Dallas (except for my wife, of course).
Atlanta Hawks: no reason in particular.
Grizzlies: Just suck enough that there can a turnaround in the future.
Bucks: If Bill Simmons the Sports Guy became the GM of the Bucks, I’d definitely root for them. But that’s never gonna happen.
Pistons: overrated. besides, Isiah Thomas never appealed to me. The story between Thomas and MJ are funny, and MJ got the better burn by freezing Thomas out of the OG Dream Team.
Timberwolves: Same reason for the Grizzlies. They might turn it around real soon. Okay, not real soon, but some day. Don’t wanna really put that much effort and stress into either teams.
Pacers and 76ers: Meh.
Jazz: Has to be the worst name in any pro franchise. The Jazz? In Utah? really? Hahah. New Orleans Jazz makes more sense, don’t it?

Houston Rockets: Yao Ming. I like Yao Ming. But, not enough for me to root for a Texas Team. That goes for the Spurs too. I love Tim Duncan, but I have to admit, I’m not a basketball purist, and I find his game, though fundamental and effective, boring.
Nets: I used to like this team when it had Kidd, Carter and Jefferson. But they’re all aging and gone. Carter probably won’t be there much longer. Jay-Z having an interest in that team doesn’t do much.
Heat: Intriguing. Especially if they do make a play for Bosh. Wade’s amazing. But for some reason, I’m not feeling them so much.

Nuggets: good team. young team. promising. But, don’t like Billups.
Trailblazers: how much more amazing would this team have been if they picked Durant, instead? Can anything good come out of Portland?
Knicks: Great history. Maybe Lebron will play for them in 2010. But I can’t root for the Knicks. Too much memory lingers from the Bull vs Knicks days and when I always thought that Starks was a punk.
Cavaliers: I felt like I’d be jumping on the Lebron bandwagon. And what happens in 2010, when he bolts? Why put myself through that?
Suns: I like(d) their SSOL (seven seconds or less) style they played. But they’re all getting old.

Bulls: Michael Jordan. I can name the 5 starters of each 3 peat teams, along with the 6th and 7th man off the bench.
Hornets and Magic: Chris Paul and Dwight Howard are my two favorite players in the NBA. But, what if they leave the team in the near future? do I root for the team they land on? That doesn’t sound so right and loyal to the team.
Bobcats: I lived in South Carolina before. Close to Charlotte (at least from Cali). MJ is part of the organization. But so far, MJ’s track record in the front office isn’t so great (Kwame Brown, anyone?) Just because I adored MJ the player, doesn’t mean i have to adore MJ the GM. But just because I despised Isiah Thomas the player, I feel absolutely, I should despise Thomas the GM. LOOK WHAT HE DID TO THE KNICKS!!?!!
Celtics: Huge Boston sports fan. Love the Pats. Love the Red Sox. But, it’s like jumping the band wagon at this point. It’s like the year that the NY Giants won the super bowl, all of a sudden you see Giants jerseys EVERYWHERE. Even Eli Manning. That never happened before.
Thunder: Durant. Durant. Durant. Geez. There’s no question who was the better pick. Durant’s a beast and Oden’s seems to be missing every other game due to injury. Sure there were jokes that Oden looked much older than he really was, but he’s body’s behaving as if Oden’s much older than he really is. But c’mon? Thunder!? Next to Jazz (in Utah) it’s a horrible, horrible franchise name. Thunder. Geez. And dude, they screwed the Seattle fans. Not cool. Thunder. Psh.

The Wizards.
I really thought long and hard over this. Much more than I should’ve. And I’ve invested too much in the Wizards over the years living in DC. And we have a good core. butler, jamison and arenas (if he ever gets healthy). I’ve had good memories sitting in the MCI center watching the games. The first professional basketball game I ever went to see was the Wizards. Good seats too. And getting excited with fellow DC citizens as we made into the playoffs hoping to end Lebrons runs, only to end up losing to the Cavs. In trying to figure this out, I realize I was too emotionally invested in this team to quit them and try for another. And honestly, the Wizards solidified my choice to go to Wesley Theological Seminary in DC, because Jordan was there. Only to be heartbroken that after only a month making the decision to go to DC, MJ was fired.
Why are all the DC teams dysfunctional?

Maybe we’ll get the number one pick, and not waste it this time. (Kwame Brown.. geez). So here’s me rooting for the lottery pick!
*sigh* One of these days, the Skins and the Wiz will have a real good year and a good playoff run. And if Armageddon is near, maybe it’ll happen in the same year!

Just because:
NFL: Redskins
NBA: Wizards
MLB: Red Sox
NHL: Capitals
Premier League Soccer: Chelsea
National Soccer: South Korea (duh) and England (Rooney, Terry!)

I think I’m covered.
Wow, what a pointless post.

5 thoughts on “Needless Post and Information, But I Have A Bit of Time

  1. Tim Duncan’s game. . . boring? No way!

    OK, so his game is not the most scintillating style of play in the world, but you hear people complain all the time that today’s professional league is becoming too flashy, and there’s no defense while offense has taken control of the whole shebang. Well, reconsider the San Antonio Spurs! They play the “it takes five” (thanks, Adidas) style of ball, and their defense features more pests than the flies zoning around the crap in my dog’s lot outside.

  2. I do love TD’s game. However, it’s Texas. I have a hard time convincing myself to even go to Texas when necessary, so to root for a texan team..?

  3. Joseph, All your babbling rationale for why you would or would not choose an NBA team seem quite similar to the babbling rationale people give for why they would or wouldn’t attend/join a church. And your final decision proves the point, there is no perfect team, and there is no perfect church.

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