• It’s Not About Me

    Years ago, we were planningĀ  for our youth winter retreat. We finally got our guest speaker to agree to come, but we didn’t have a praise band. At that time of my ministry career, I just taken on the responsibility of raising worship leaders and praise teams. Looking back, embarrassingly enough, I really wanted to… Continue Reading

  • Worship Services

    Do you think that a lot of churches are more concerned with the flow and liturgy of worship and finishing by a certain than actually being in worship? A friend once complained that if somehow they go over five minutes in the service, all hell breaks loose. I couldn’t tell if she was exaggerating or… Continue Reading

  • Engage 17:23

    This week a few clergy, along with the District Superintendent of the Santa Ana District met to talk about what we can do to engage the young adults of our communities and what a ministry for that generation could look like. It was a wonderful time of conversation, and we plan to meet again. But,… Continue Reading

  • I’ve Been Slacking

    I’ve been slacking in my personal goals. One of goals was to engage in a conversation with a stranger once a week. But I haven’t really gotten around to it. My introverted-ness has been winning the battleĀ  9 out of 10 times. But that one time I do get to talk to someone, it’s really… Continue Reading

  • Learned a Valuable Lesson Today

    The vibrate function on my phone does not apply to my phone’s alarm. Usually, on Sundays, I stop by the office and leave my phone in my office before heading off to the sanctuary. Today, I forgot. As worship is about to start, I realize my phone is in my pocket. I did what anyone… Continue Reading

  • Devotionals

    There was a point in time where for devotionals, I just read devotional books and what not. And then it occured to me, these devotional books are, in no form, a substitution for reading the Bible (which I neglected, because I was reading these books). They are to enhance my scripture reading, but not take… Continue Reading