Smokin’ Out

This past Saturday, I ran into two teenage boys (who were not part of this group).
I was coming out of our fellowship hall and, I guess they heard me.
One of our sanctuary entrance has a stair that leads up stairs, and those boys were coming down from it.
I was heading to the sanctuary, they were coming down from the stairs, so our paths would crossed.
And they sort of froze for a minute, looking scared, and I didn’t know why until I became aware of a certain aroma.
These kids were smoking out. At a church. I couldn’t believe it.
There were a few things I could’ve done:
1) Yell at them to get out and don’t ever do this on our property
2) Threaten to call the cops on them
3) Ask them to share with me. (I’m TOTALLY KIDDING)

I didn’t know what to do or say. So I just said “what’s up guys?”
And they responded as almost all teenagers respond: “Nothing much”
And I just said, “I’ll see you guys around” and they said “Yup” and that was that.
Those kids could not have been more than 15.

What would you have done in this situation?

4 thoughts on “Smokin’ Out

  1. Confronted, with the knowledge that I knew what they were up to. I would have conveyed, as you did, that I wanted to see them again, hopefully not high. And noted who they were so that the next time I ran into them, I would be sure to remember them and check in – as a way of saying I cared about who each of them is.

  2. Tough call. I don’t know if i’d have confronted them but at least let them know they weren’t fooling anyone.

  3. show them gal 5 and tell them witchcraft means doing drugs. lol. doubt it’ll do anything but hey, it could.

  4. it is a tough call. I have yet to walk up on the folks who smoke out around our church, but have had 3 reports from parishioners and found a dime bag over the weekend…but I don’t know who they are specifically. At this point I am SUPER tired of people doing drugs at the church….totally not kosher in my book. I’m tempted to say that I would let them off with a warning the first time but let them know that if it happened again i would call the cops….though I know the more times it happens, the less patient I am and the more inclined I am to call the cops.

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