There was a point in time where for devotionals, I just read devotional books and what not. And then it occured to me, these devotional books are, in no form, a substitution for reading the Bible (which I neglected, because I was reading these books). They are to enhance my scripture reading, but not take lieu of.
So I try to read a Proverb everyday, matching the date with the chapter (i.e. today is the 19th, I read the 19th chapter) and a couple of chapters of the book I’ve been focusing (lately, Gospel of John.)

Maybe it was because of Kevin Watson’s book, I decided to crack open John Wesley’s Sermon: An Anthology.
I read that book in seminary for the Methodist History and Doctrine class. By read, I mean just read the certain lines of certain sermons so that I’d be somewhat prepared for the test. I learned a lot about prayer that semester.

But this time around, I actually want to really read it. So they have been added to my devotional time.

We can always pray and read the Bible more. And embarrassingly, these disciplines seem to be the first to go when things get crazy, or when I get lazy.
But I’m trying…

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