Engage 17:23

This week a few clergy, along with the District Superintendent of the Santa Ana District met to talk about what we can do to engage the young adults of our communities and what a ministry for that generation could look like.

It was a wonderful time of conversation, and we plan to meet again.
But, we decided to make a blog of our discussions that I’ll probably update once or twice a week.

A few purposes for that blog is to

  1. keep the people who are interested in our district updated with our meetings and conversations (if they happened to miss our gatherings)
  2. ask the community of the bloggers to give inputs and suggestions to our discussions, to give us ideas on what other ministries out there are doing, and to be in talks with people beyond our district, conference and state.

So feel free to drop by and comment with your ideas and thoughts.

Engage 17:23

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