I’ve Been Slacking

I’ve been slacking in my personal goals.
One of goals was to engage in a conversation with a stranger once a week.
But I haven’t really gotten around to it. My introverted-ness has been winning the battle  9 out of 10 times.
But that one time I do get to talk to someone, it’s really fascinating, even if it is for a couple of minutes. I ask them 4 questions (questions I got from Lord, Save Me From Your Followers)

  1. How was the universe created?
  2. What happens after we die?
  3. What is something that Christians are known for?
  4. What is something that Jesus was known for?

I guess the most interesting part is, in the handful of people I’ve spoken to, the answers given for #3 and #4 are never the same. Actually, #3 is always a negative answer and 4 is always a positive one.
We Christians have a huge PR issue.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Slacking

  1. Joseph, I’m trying to imagine having to make a goal to engage in a conversation with a stranger. Here in the American South, we strike up conversations with strangers pretty much every time we’re around one.

    But, I can’t imagine asking these strangers any of your 4 questions.

  2. Well for me, I don’t know how to actually start a conversation, so this is my safety net. And I’ve found that people are not as closed minded as one may perceive. I remind them that there are no wrong answers and I’m not here to debate with them. I don’t offer my own opinions (unless they ask) and all I do is, if possible, offer up follow up questions like: “why do you think your answer about Christians are vastly different from your answer about Jesus.” If I were to correct them or tell them that they’re wrong, this would never work. But I’m here to learn from them, and I let them know that before hand.

    I think people like to hear that someone wants to learn something from them.

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