The Moments When You’re More Like Your Parent Than You Wanna Be

I always laughed at my dad (or maybe more like rolled my eyes) when he could take any moment, I mean ANY MOMENT and turn it around to somehow relate it to faith, Bible and/or a sermon. And of course, this is something I did not want to do or be.

But there I was yesterday, with my wife at in the backyard.
We had all these dead vines that are just ruining this beautiful garden that was left for us.
She asked me to help her in removing all the dead weeds and vines.
Reluctantly, er, I mean very happily and gladly I came out to help her.

So there we were, pulling out the weeds and dead vines. I was going at it, when I noticed something. The dead vines were so attached to the living plants, that as I was pulling out the dead ones, the greens one getting damaged, and even being pulled out with the dead ones.
I tried to carefully work around the greens, but every time I pulled out a brown, I’d get some green with it.
I paused. I stared. I pondered.
My wife, noticing that the work has stopped turned and said, “why did you stop?”

And I sighed and said, “You know, today, I think that weed parable makes more sense to me. The one where the sower tells his servants not to pull out the weed, because in doing so, you may harm the wheat. Just leave them and at the end, the harvesters would sort all of them out. I can’t seem to pull out the brown stuff without hurting the green ones.”

She said, “ok.” (Usually how I responded to my dad’s insights)

I immediately paused, and thought to myself, “Crap. I’m turning into my dad.”

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