• Show Me Your Jesus

    “Show me your Jesus and I’ll show you what you believe.” What Jesus do you think dominates the beliefs and thoughts of our church members? Here are some I came up with, and I’ll let you to figure out what they may imply: The Gramps/Santa Jesus The Scary/Over-Bearing/I-am-keeping-my-eye-on-you Jesus The Revolutionist The Passive/Weak Jesus The… Continue Reading

  • I Had The Weirdest Dream

    I think I should really limit my TV watching, although this dream has nothing to do with anything I saw on TV recently. But let me just say, I have not gone anywhere near the Twilight series and never plan to do so. Just because nothing beats Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel… Continue Reading

  • Contemporary vs. Traditional

    Last week, a speaker said that these terms to describe worship should no longer be used. These words bring about a point of contention and possibly deep resentment. Besides, what exactly does contemporary or traditional really mean? He argued that there are two, and only two types of worship: Relevant and Irrelevant. “Traditional” worship may… Continue Reading

  • Ians

    The average Joe (by the way, why is it called average Joe? Why not use another name? Like Average Andy?) Church-goer seems just that: a church goer. I think we have a lot of Ians floating around our churches. What do I mean? They’re Christians without Christ. I know that’s harsh and can be rather… Continue Reading

  • Things That Happen @ Starbucks III

    I was sitting outside of one of the 4 Starbucks that I frequent, when an elderly gentlemen rolls up on his bike next to me. He had this big smile, and it was obvious that he wanted to say something to me, so I spoke first and said, “Hello.” “Do I know you from somewhere?”… Continue Reading

  • Things That Happen @ Starbucks II

    I think my parents did a good job of teaching me to be a faithful tither. I never think twice about tithing, but I’m embarrassed to admit that other acts of generosity and hospitality, I do give a second thought. The other day, actually at Starbucks after my meeting Glenn, I was reading 1 Peter… Continue Reading