My Experiences at Wachovia Bank

When I moved to Cali, I decided to open my checking account with Wachovia Bank, only because they boasted that they been rated number 1 for some odd consecutive years in customer service. And besides, I had a negative experienc with Bank of America when I was living in DC.
I was able to get free checking, with no stipulations. (C’mon, Bank of Hawaii. Why couldn’t you offer free checking, without certain stipulations? On top of that, you guys had horrible customer service!)

The guy that opened my account was a real nice guy. We spent nearly 40 minutes talking about our careers, our families and sports. That was about 7 months ago. I don’t often visit the Wachovia branch where I opened my account, because there’s a branch closer to church.

But recently, I stopped by the branch where I opened my account and he (and I guess other managers do this too) was acting as a greeter/host. He looked at me and said, “Hey Joseph! Long time no see!”
I couldn’t really believe he remembered my name. Especially since my legal name is Sung and everything is under that name. On top of that, I know I wasn’t the only account he opened since July of 08.

It was just a reminder how such a small thing, like remembering someone’s name, can go such a long way.

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