What Does Easter Mean? (Fail)

Have you ever asked that to kids?
I love asking those kind of questions to kids because I get the greatest and funniest answers.

Well, one year, I asked a bunch of elementary kids on what Easter meant to them.
I was expecting the usual answers, eggs, bunnies, chocolate and prayed that one kid would say something about Jesus.
But this time, their answer was unanimous: MONEY!!

And, that was my fault.
We had our Easter Egg Hunts like many churches. Some of the plastic eggs had candy, others chocolate, some were empty, but the ones that they all aimed for, the most prized of the eggs were the ones that contained money.
Some of them had pennies, a few of them a couple of nickels and dimes. A handful had quarters. A couple had a dollar bill. And one (the golden egg) had a 5 dollar bill.

As you can imagine, every year that 5 dollar egg was the most sought after thing on Sunday. Not Jesus, the 5 dollar egg. Of course it was the hardest to find, but when one of those kids found it, it was as if s/he won the lottery.

So, that was an epic fail for me, that for my kids, the meaning of Easter was to find the 5 dollar egg.

In case you’re wondering, since that church, I’ve no longer put money in the Easter eggs.

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