Go See A Doctor

I hate seeing a doctor.
I have various reasons for it.
It’s just not a cool place to spend my afternoon.
The waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and then you see the doc for only like 5 minutes.
The cold stethoscope against your skin.
Oh. And the needles. I hate needles.

I tend to put off going to see the doctor as much as possible. I’m not that sick yet, I always tell myself.
But the hating of the doctor goes deeper, I believe, than the things I’ve mentioned.

I think many of us fear going to the doctor because the doctor just might confirm our worst thoughts and fears. The doc just might confirm that, yes, I am as sick as I thought I was.
So instead of going to the doctor, we (at least me) hope that the pain will go away. I remind myself that I’m young, and this will go away. It’s only a cough. It’s only a headache. It’s only a sprain. I’ll bounce back. I’m not sick. I don’t need to go to the doctor.

Many of our local churches need to go see a doctor. Many of our churches need to get a check-up. Some of our churches are real sick and need of a ‘doctor.’
But many of us are refusing to do so.
Maybe because in the back of our mind, we really know that something is wrong. But we figure, we’re just in a slump. The people in our community will come to their senses. The young people will see the good we’re doing. They’ll come back and we’ll be healthy again. Just wait and see.

I’m told that early detection is the best way to fight anything, when it comes to medicine.
I’ve just made an appointment to see the dentist. My tooth has been hurting for like 2 months now. And I figured, the longer I put it off, the more damage it’s doing to my tooth and the more money it’ll cost to fix it.

I think, if we are to really just humble ourselves and have ourselves honestly evaluated and reviewed, I think there can be lots of good that can come from that. I honestly believe (and you are fully welcomed to disagree) that our ego and pride, as a church, often get in the way of bringing the people closer to God and/or bringing the Kingdom of God closer to the people.

Btw, I hate the Dentist more than the doctor. I’m already having nervous sweat break out, and my appointment isn’t until Wednesday. I’m afraid that I’ll have to suffer the wrath of the high-pitched drill because I waited so long. Pray for me. haha

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