On a Postive Note…

I feel like a lot of my posts are negative to our local churches.
I don’t mean them to be, it’s just that I post on how what I see and experience makes me feel.

So, I decided that if I post something that is a bit negative towards the UMC and local church, I have to follow it up with something positive and good.

This past Thursday, our church held a Maundy Thursday service. Before the service started, a man in need came to me and asking if there’s anything we can do.
After a discussion with someone from church, we decided that we’ll help this man out by collecting an offering. The man said that he only needed 60 dollars for one nights stay at a motel.

Near the end of the gathering, I asked the people if they are willing to please donate a little bit of money to help this man out. All we need is a bit, and that a little can go a long way, but at the same time, not to be feel obligated to, because whatever we come up with, God will figure something out.

What followed truly touched my heart.
We ended up with much more than the man needed, and people were still willing to give more.
It’s something that I’ll remember for a long time, the generosity of our people who wanted to give more.

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