I Had The Weirdest Dream

I think I should really limit my TV watching, although this dream has nothing to do with anything I saw on TV recently.
But let me just say, I have not gone anywhere near the Twilight series and never plan to do so. Just because nothing beats Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel when it comes to vampires. I don’t wanna waste my time on Twilight.

Anyway, the dream was rather violent.
Turns out, we’re in some kind of struggle against Zombies, but they weren’t like movie zombies, they looked just like you and I. But they needed to be stopped.
We as ordinary humans could not stop these Zombies because they are too powerful. So what was the alternative? Vampires. Good vampires.
So, a small band of people were being turned into vampires to stop this new breed of human-like zombies.
And for some reason, this small band of vampires were the United Methodist. That’s right.

I enlisted to become a vampire to fight off these zombies. We were to use special black arrows to kill the Zombies. So the training was first. After the training, we were led into the back room to meet the head Vampire, who would be turning the brave men and women into vampires to stop the plague of the Human Zombies.
And who was the head Vampire? Or Vampiress? The Bishop of the Cal-Pac Annual Conference.

The UMCers are nothing but blood sucking Vampires. I thought that was funny (when I woke up).

So there we were. A small band of United Methodist Vampires putting our lives on the line to save the world from the evils of the Human Zombies.

I woke up before the real war and fighting began. But I’m sure that we Methodists would’ve saved the world from utter Zombie destruction.

I guess, actually it was more of a cool dream than a weird one.

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