• UnThink Church.. No Wait… That’s Not Right…

    I haven’t done any research or reading on the whole “ReThink Church” slogan that the UMC is now pushing. I’m just speaking about the reaction I have had to this campaign. It’s unfortunate that KFC is also pushing a similar slogan “UnThink Chicken.” And honestly, between me and you, I believe that KFC will have… Continue Reading

  • A Bit Annoyed By the Conference…

    Today, I found out that the Conference cashed a check I wrote for them… in March, two months later. Thanks guys. It really messed a lot of things up in our household. I have a feeling that for me and many of my colleagues, finances will always be some sort of thought lingering in the… Continue Reading

  • Being Affirmed…

    I received an insight. It may be a well-known bit for you, but it was a new insight for me. You see, up to this point, I’ve always been working with kids and preaching to kids. Today, I also work with kids, but now also with the adult congregation, and I get to preach once… Continue Reading

  • The Saul Type

    I think we all have a bit of King Saul in us when we work in a group. Though we may never admit it, we all have insecurities and at some point or another, we’ve all worried that someone might just be a bit better than us. But it’s how we deal with those fears… Continue Reading

  • Team Ministry

    I’ve always wanted to write a book. Then I realized, 1) I’m not a good writer and 2) uhhhh… I have nothing to write about. This past Winter, I don’t know why, but I started to journal down all of my experiences with team ministry in the past years. Some were great experiences and some… Continue Reading