ReThink Church…?

More than that, I think we really need to ReJesus our church.

7 thoughts on “ReThink Church…?

  1. I read a barna statistic (in JP Moreland’s Kingdom Triangle) that said that 80% of believers have not experienced God in a real way in a regular worship service. And 50% of believers have never experienced God in an intimate way at all.

    What I see is what you’ve written. Jesus needs to be present in our worship gatherings. Every week.

  2. Amen. You are spot on. If you have not already done so, I highly recommend you read the book of that title: ReJesus: A Wild Messiah for a Missional Church by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch.

  3. If we wants to ReJesus the church, I suspect we might try being more like Jesus.

    Jesus used to tell stories to make his points. Jesus did not talk much about himself and how good or bad or successful or unsuccessful he was. Jesus’ stories are as relevant today as they were then. Jesus taught mostly by example.

    BTW, Jesus did not relate (deep) parables to the children. He simply said to let them come to him. That was a story in itself.

  4. I think the whole ReThink Church thing is kind of scary–feels a bit like false advertising and it suggest that church is the end without some sort of content of belief or doctrine. I’m with you on the ReJesus the church–and that needs to be an internal marketing campaign!

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