Team Ministry

I’ve always wanted to write a book.
Then I realized, 1) I’m not a good writer and 2) uhhhh… I have nothing to write about.

This past Winter, I don’t know why, but I started to journal down all of my experiences with team ministry in the past years. Some were great experiences and some were unbelievable (in the negative way).

Reflecting on my experiences and those who shared their experiences with me, I realized how detrimental jealousy can be for a team ministry. And once jealousy reared it’s ugly green head within the group, it would tear the team apart.

And the saddest part is, the students would always receive the brunt of the pain.

So, for the next couple of days, I’ll share with you what I wrote down in my (cool) moleskin journal just to remind you that this blog is not dead and to post something more substantial than the twitter-like posts from earlier this week.

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