A Bit Annoyed By the Conference…

Today, I found out that the Conference cashed a check I wrote for them… in March, two months later. Thanks guys. It really messed a lot of things up in our household.

I have a feeling that for me and many of my colleagues, finances will always be some sort of thought lingering in the back of our minds. I was fortunate to receive a scholarship for my seminary education, but many were not as fortunate as me.

And the thing is, have too much money, we may forget the need and dependence of God… have too little and we may constantly trying to figure out how to get more. (Proverbs 30:8-9)Either way, money becomes god. Have too much, money is the answer to everything. Have too little, money is object of our desire…

The answer is what Jesus says to his listeners in Luke 18, that we should always pray and not lose heart.
We’re all facing economic hardships today.
My dad told me about how all the small churches in Korea are writing articles and blog posts about how the big churches are not reaching out to the small churches and accusing them for hoarding all the resources, especially when their brothers and sisters are in need.
My dad’s response? Why are these small churches looking towards the big churches for help? Wouldn’t it make more sense that the churches look to God for help?

It’s funny how easily I forget.
I’ve gotten this far without facing anything huge or terrible when it comes to our finances.
We’ve gotten by. We’ve managed. We’re doing well. We’re more fortunate than some people in our community.
God has always carried us.
But it’s funny how quickly I forget that. It’s one of those moments where I don’t want to be caught up in the “now.” Because God has been the rock of ages past…

It’s always times like these I revisit Matthew chapter 6.
And it always bring assurance. Hey, sure, the conference screwed me over. But, it could be worse.
Jesus tells me not to worry. I think it’s wise to actually listen to him and take his advice.

Ah. My shoulders feel light already.
Thanks be to God.

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