The Cal-Pac

I don’t think it’s been a secret that I’ve been frustrated with the whole United Methodism and Cal-Pac.
And a bit overly critical of it at times here and there.
I think it’s easy to look at the entire system and see the huge flaws that exist.

But this past week, I’ve met with a couple of pastors here and there, all from the Santa Ana District.
And I left each meetings with a sense of hope and even a sense of pride, that it’s not as bad as the overall picture may lend itself to be.

There’s a small group of pastors who are not settling for less and who really are rethinking the whole church concept. There are a group of pastors who want to teach people to be the church and not just do church.
And it’s always a small group of people that change the overall group.

Let’s just make a splash in the name of God without worrying about the outcome or the success rate.

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