• Twilight

    Dear Parents, Starting this September, we are doing a new Bible Study for the middle school students on Sundays from 130p – 3p. We are going to be going through Stephanie Meyer’s book Twilight and using the themes found in that book and how they are related to the issues of our faith. The truth… Continue Reading

  • Dog Fighters and Such…

    Michael Vick played for the first time in about 2 years. I’m excited to see what he’ll be like once he gets the rhythm of the game back. And more interested in how the Eagles will utilize him. But of course, there is still a lot of controversy surrounding him. Even a rally outside of… Continue Reading

  • What We Are

    As pastors, sometimes we are: Teachers, preachers, counselors. Sometimes we’re confidants, administrators, secretaries. Sometimes we’re scholars, fixer-uppers, custodians. Sometimes we have all the answers, most of times we have none of the answers. Sometimes we’re heaven-sent and other times… well… Sometimes we’re prophets, sometimes we’re poets. Sometimes we’re revolutionist, apologetics, missionaries, that weird person that… Continue Reading

  • Too Salty?

    We are called to be Salt of the world. But in food, too much salt ruins it. The Dead Sea is dead because of its high level of  salt. So can we as Christians be too salty? What would a Christian who is too salty look like?

  • My Call into Ministry

    I didn’t know if this was supposed to be my calling. If anything, it always felt more like my dad’s calling for me (my dad’s a pastor). I was very reluctant, and wanted to find a way to break the news to my family that perhaps ministry wasn’t the best of options for me. Before… Continue Reading

  • Prophets on Billboards

    A while ago, driving northbound on the 405, there was this billboard with an African-American man wearing a purple robe, I can’t remember if he was holding some sort of scepter, but let’s just say that he was, and with huge print PROPHET next to his name. The billboard was advertising that if you need… Continue Reading

  • GoodBye iPod, Hello Radio

    My wife accidentally dropped my iPod in the toilet the other week. (Don’t ask why or how). So I’ve been mp3 player-less. It has taken some getting used to. Didn’t realize that I don’t like many of Starbucks selection of music, or more like, the music is distracting more than anything else. But the hardest… Continue Reading