School of Congregational Development

It was a tough week.
I have a lot, A LOT to digest.
But, I’m starting to wonder if I have the gifts and talents to start a church…

The one refreshing thing was this: all the speakers that I heard and listened to all emphasized the importance, nay, the necessity of prayer, reading scripture, fasting and other spiritual disciplines.
And I was so saddened that it was so refreshing to hear.
Maybe it’s the people I’ve run into in Cal-Pac, but in our discussions (outside of the Koreans) of how we need to pray and read the Bible for survival never really comes up.
I really do wonder how many of our pastors spend time, intimate time with God.

Throughout the next few days (or weeks) I’m hoping to glean the important things about this past week.
But let me tell you this, it’s good to be back in Cali.

3 thoughts on “School of Congregational Development

  1. That warms my heart to know that there was an emphasis on prayer, fasting and spiritual disciplines. How else will we hear God’s call amidst all the other competing voices and static?

  2. You are wrestling with an important question about your call.

    Do not let one perspective and one conference shape your answer entirely. The view of church planting given here may not be the only view out there.

    Or, perhaps, you are being led in a different direction. Not all plant. Some build on foundations laid by others.

  3. Kristin – amen

    John – very well said sir. I have nine more months of thoughts for congregational development… but if anything.. this conference perhaps shed light on my not wanting to plant a church, but more revitalize a church… but as we all know, it’s not my plans or desires, but God’s plans and desires for me. =)

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