The Cowardly Lions…

Why are so many of us scared to lead?
I’m not talking about the normal feelings of being overwhelmed, or the fear that we may have nothing to offer, or the general fears that comes with leading a group of people…

But I’m talking about why so many of us feel the need to walk around egg shells when it comes to God. In our very own churches.
At what point of our ministry do we become more worried about the reaction of the Trustees or SPRC or the leadership to take precedence over the truth of God?
At what point do we decide to lower the bar for membership rather than “make disciples of Jesus Christ?”
When did we end up serving the mechanics of church rather than the Church? Or as Paul would say, are trying to please people, and therefore no longer be a servant of Christ?

These are questions that I think we all need to ask ourselves. No one started out ministry this way. We’ve all had dreams, goals, inspirations… but what happened that makes us dig our heels into the ground? Or our heads, like ostriches? Please, let me know so that I can learn and continue to be an effective instrument of God.

Do we not believe in God? No scratch that. Do we not trust in God?
If we do, whom shall we fear? For God is our light and salvation. If we trust in God, and know that the Lord is the stronghold of our lives and our ministry,  of whom shall we be afraid?

Mike Slaughter said something last Sunday that rocked my soul: As pastors, we need to lead with courage and not by compliance.

That phrase resonated within me and now has become a prayer for me. And for all pastors.

May we do more than just believe in God. May we trust in God.

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