GoodBye iPod, Hello Radio

My wife accidentally dropped my iPod in the toilet the other week. (Don’t ask why or how).
So I’ve been mp3 player-less. It has taken some getting used to. Didn’t realize that I don’t like many of Starbucks selection of music, or more like, the music is distracting more than anything else.

But the hardest part is the radio during while I drive.
They say a sign of getting older is criticizing the current music of the day. But seriously. I can’t stand to listen to the radio anymore. It’s bad enough that three stations play the same song at the same time. I can’t understand why songs like “Boom Boom Pow” and “I Got A Feeling” and “She-Wolf” and “Don’t Trust Me” (with a killer line: shush girl shut your lips/ do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips) get soooooo much radio play.

My wife’s a big country fan. These past weeks, I found myself listening to country more. Only because it’s still new to me.
And while I’m at this. OMG. What’s with the Fish? My dislike of Contemporary Christian Music has gotten more intense during the past week. Half the songs on the Fish is just a really poor and generic attempt to copy what’s on the mainstream pop. And KWAVE? It’s just a bunch of sermons about Armageddon and the rapture. I love Switchfoot, but why do they insist on playing their sappiest and worst songs? Just because it sounds like Miley Cyrus doesn’t mean it’s good. Miley Cyrus isn’t good to begin with.

Maybe it’s all about control. I can’t control what I hear when I’m listening to the radio.
Maybe this is the time to start doing “grown up” stuff and listen to NPR or talk radio. Or not.

At least I still have ESPN radio in the car.

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